6 Survey Sites that Pay Fast!

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Taking surveys online is a great way to get rewarded for sharing your honest opinions about products and brands that you consume and use.  Most people enjoy taking surveys but are anxious to receive their mad cash faster.  Are there any legitimate survey panels that you will pay cash fast for your feedback?  As a matter of fact, there are a few that I can recommend to you that you can sign up with online today.

1.  Instant Cash Sweepstakes

This is a hidden treasure for many because if you are a person who hates to fill out those long drawn out surveys that you never qualify for, then this is the perfect survey site for you.  Instant Cash Sweepstakes has short surveys otherwise known as mini polls that you can complete in your spare time for cash.  You can take these daily polls every 3 hours and you will never be screened out of any of their surveys.  They also have a low payment threshold of just $2 that you can cash out with via your PayPal account.

In addition to these mini polls that you can take for extra cash, you also have the chance to win $2 every 4 hours and and daily drawing of $50 that they give away to one of the members every single day.  It is a win/win situation.  You can even earn more cash to refer your friends.  If you haven’t signed up with Instant Cash Sweepstakes yet, you can do so right here.  I guarantee that you will not regret it.

2.  Paid Viewpoint

This survey panel is a sister company of Instant Cash Sweepstakes and they also have mini surveys that take less than a minute for you to complete online.  You will never leave this panel empty-handed because you will always qualify for surveys here too.  You will need to log into the site frequently, just in case you miss their email to check to see if you have new surveys available to you.  This survey panel is open to teens who are at least 13 years of age and they have a low payment threshold also.  It is not as low as Instant Cash Sweepstakes but you can expect to receive your money when you have reached the $13 payment threshold.  You can also earn up to $25 for every person that you refer to Paid Viewpoint!  How?  Make sure that you watch this YouTube video that explains exactly how this works.

Ready to join Paid Viewpoint?  If so, make sure that you sign up right here today.

You can also watch this YouTube video tutorials on both Instant Cash Sweepstakes and Paid Viewpoint below to know exactly what to expect when you complete their online surveys from home.

Earn $1-$5 each time you qualify and take surveys. Test products for free and share your opinions! Plus you will get an entry for a $2,500 sweepstakes when you register! Join Toluna Opinions today for FREE! Click Here

3.  CashCrate

You will enjoy this site, if you like taking daily surveys from home.  That’s right.  CashCrate has multiple surveys including bonus surveys, daily surveys and top surveys that will pay you cash for your opinions.  There are additional ways for you to earn cash on this site that are not limited to taking surveys including searching the web, watching videos, trying free offers and so much more.

If you are looking for any easy way to make money online or you are a teenager, you will definitely want to give CashCrate a try.  You need to be at least 13 and they are open in all countries including the US.  You can cash out monthly via check in the mail or every single week via PayPal, direct deposit, Dwolla or check if you have reached the Elite status.  This is accomplished by referring your friends.  Encourage them to be active on the site because if they are, you will be able to earn even more money then just taking surveys online.

Sign up for CashCrate here to take daily surveys and more.

4.  Survey Savvy

This survey panel has been around for over 10 years paying and rewarding their members for taking online surveys.  This particular survey company pays fast because many of their surveys pay $1 and up, some up to $25 or more and you can request your check if you have earned just $1.  They are also open worldwide and will accept teens who are at least 14 years of age.

In order to take Survey Savvy’s online surveys, you will need to log into the site to see if you have any surveys for you to complete.  You can also earn even more money by downloading Survey Savvy Connect which will enable Survey Savvy to track your digital Internet connected devices.  It is free to download and the more devices that you install Savvy Connect on, the more you will make.  You will also be instantly invited to more surveys with Savvy Connect installed on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Sign up for both Survey Savvy and Savvy Connect here.

5.  Opinion Outpost

If you like getting your cash daily, then Opinion Outpost is one of the few survey panels that you can cash out from every day.  They have surveys that are related to your interests which makes it appealing to give our feedback.  In addition to their daily surveys, you can also win cash with their quarterly and weekly drawings.  You will need to follow Opinion Outpost on Facebook and Twitter to find out about their weekly or daily giveaways.

Just like some of the other survey panels, you will need to log into your dashboard to earn your cash and also check your email for survey notifications.  You can sign up for Opinion Outpost right here.

6.  InstaGC

InstaGC short for Instant gift cards is another site that you can use to take daily surveys.  If you visit their site every day and take their online surveys, you can earn $2-$3 daily.  They also allow you to request your money via PayPal, check, direct deposit or receive a gift card.  You can choose how you want to get paid!  You must be 13 and they are open to members in several countries.

You can also earn cash to watch online videos, listen to music online and so much more.  Sign up for InstaGC here.  Don’t forget to refer your friends for even more cash.

Make sure that you check this page for even more legitimate survey panels that you will pay you for your opinions.

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