5 High Paying Focus Groups/Online Studies

computer-313841_1280If you like sharing your opinions online then you will love getting paid for it.  There are a few high paying focus groups, online studies and paid telephone interviews that you can do from the comfort of your home.  Madcashsurvey has a list of some of the latest online focus groups that pay anywhere from $50 up to $100 for your time!

Unlike traditional paid surveys, online bulletin boards and focus groups may require a little more time than a basic survey that would only last 15 minutes or so.  They compensate you for the time you spend giving your feedback and honest opinions.  Before you get started make sure that you fit the criteria for the study that you will participate in and if you get accepted or invited to a focus group, try to complete it to the end so that you will not forfeit your earnings.

Here are a few paid focus groups and online studies that you can sign up for listed below.

  • Tiger Global is interested in talking to men and women that have purchased or picked out an engagement ring in the last year or that are currently shopping for an engagement ring.  This is a telephone study that will last 20 minutes, taking place December 15th – 18th.  You will receive a $50 Amazon gift card for your time.

If interested, please fill out our pre-survey here.

  • Probe Market Research has an online study for caregivers.  The study will last 55 minutes taking place online and via the telephone through the third week of December.  If you are a caregiver, please fill out our pre-survey here.
  • Probe Market Research also has an opinion study taking place online December 17th at various times.  The study will last 60-75 minutes in length and it is regarding Men’s health.  This study pays $125 and they will send you a check in the mail.  Click here, if you are interested.
  • Crosswalk Digital Group is seeking people who use prepaid cards for an upcoming market research study.  It pays $100 for one hour of your time and opinions.  The study will be conducted remotely using screen sharing software.  They are seeking both men and women who are at least 18 and up.  The only stipulation is that you must use prepaid credit cards and not work for a credit card company.  Click here to get started.
  • Video Chat Network has an upcoming study where participants will be given a video assignment to complete.  The assignments will be sent out on 12/28 and are due 1/6/2016.  The video assignment is regarding digestive health.  You will use VCN’s new mobile app to complete the assignments, which will take 15 minutes total.  Those who complete the assignment will be paid $100.  Please fill out this brief questionnaire here to see if you will qualify.  Make sure that you join Video Chat Network here to get paid $100 to complete video chats from home.

Please make sure that you browse this site for more survey panels that will pay for your opinions.

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